Kinemaster For PC Windows 10/8/7 – Free Download [2019 Updated]

Kinemaster For PC: Today we people are using our computers and phones to the extent that we expend a great deal of time with them. It is impossible to find a person who does not own a smartphone or computer today in the modern generation. It is normal to use our devices because we cannot link ourselves with society without these tools.

The video is one such digital format that humans are fond of now. We are using and managing videos more than ever because of the advancements in the digital formats. Still, we people do not have proper knowledge about the editing skills involved in making a video the perfect stuff. Although the amateur ones learn a few things through the internet, their knowledge is incomplete.

Kinemaster For PC

However, there is nothing to worry about your video editing skills. Because you have the kinemaster app download which enables to get a great video out of the original and normal one. However, you should learn about the kinemaster application in order to use it without any hassles.

Why video editing?

Of course, you may ask this important question. While using the videos in a social media or instant messenger it is hard for us to share the entire video present in our device. Because you may need to share only a particular part of the video with your friends. In this scenario, a video editor will rear a helping hand to you. If you need to mix up along with some of your personal videos then you will need the help of a professional video editor and this is done by the kinemaster for you. Therefore, it is the right time to get kinemaster pc without any second thought.

KineMaster Pro Video Editor

It is a professional video editing application for Android and iOS users. It is one of the best available video editors in the market and it is finding great popularity among the video lovers. Even though mobile users mostly download it, it does not mean that you cannot use it for the computer. Because sometimes people tend to use the application in their computer because it allows them any professional help. Working with the mobile with the entire day with an important video editing project is not possible, as we all know. Therefore, it is important to download kinemaster for pc, as it is needed by the professionals. It is so simple to use kinemaster for pc without paying money. In addition, let me provide you certain tips in achieving it. It should not take more time because it is as simple as you do it on your mobile phones.

Enjoy it on your computer

The very important thing you need to do to install the kinemaster pro for pc you need to start with the Google account. In order to achieve this, you should find a proper android emulator for your computer. Because only the emulator can make the Google account running in your computer and this is capable of changing your computer into smartphone technology. Normally blue stacks are the best emulator available in the market. Once installing the emulator make the Google account settings. After this process, you can enter into the play store on your computer.

Start the kinemaster app download for pc through the play sore and install it without any problem. However, if you are willing to install the premium version then you need to pay money. However, it also has a free version which normally comes with the name kinemaster and the paid premium comes with the name kinemaster pro. So while having the kinemaster in the larger screen there is no need to worry about the intermittent workflow. You can play with the tool for the entire day without any disturbances. With the help of kinemaster, you can achieve a lot of editing skills and let me explain a few advantages of this awesome video editing application available in the market.

Kinemaster download For PC

Kinemaster PC Features:

  1. Allows multiple layers of text, images, effects, video, images over a video. Also, offers options for stickers and handwriting.
  2. You can even download lots of more effects, royalty free music, overlays, stickers and more from the KineMaster Asset Store.
  3. It gives an opportunity for the precise trimming that too by frame-by-frame.
  4. You can instantly check the preview of all the edits being made instantly and can go for the correction if needed.
  5. Control hue, brightness, and saturation as per your need.
  6. It has inbuilt audio filters and you can change the voice too.
  7. In terms of effect, it has blurred, mosaic, the lot more and one can select the best that suits.
  8. Varieties of animation styles can be selected for making the video more interactive and fun.
  9. You can make the video go fast or slow with the speed control feature.
  10. You can now edit the volume from moment to moment with the use of precise volume control.


This application is mainly known for its trimming options. Usually, the important video editing application allows the user to trim the video with the help of the time. However, here you will get the option of trimming the video with reference to frames. Therefore, a precise cut is possible with this application. Ultimately, the transaction of the edited video will be awesome and it looks like a real one. Even the professionals could not see the cuts in between your completed video, which is a great thing to achieve with such a free tool. This is the main reason for the people to enjoy kinemaster download for pc through the online sites.

Play with layers

It is the multiple layers that are present in a video that enhances its quality. Viewers love to enjoy the video when it has a flavor of layers added to it. You are seeing a great deal of information in a single video in the movies. It is easy to achieve a video quality that is almost near to the movies with the help of the kinemaster. It helps the editor to work on different layers like audio, text information appearing between the video and images.

KineMaster Pro

KineMaster Pro supports various type of formats and more is getting ready day by day by the support team.

Video formats:
• MP4 (H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile + AAC LC / PCM)
• 3GP (H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile + AAC LC / PCM)
• MOV (H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile + AAC LC / PCM)

Audio formats:
• MP3
• M4A

Image formats:
• WebP
• GIF(still image only)

Export Video Format:
• MP4 with H.264 + AAC-LC (The H.264 profile depends on the device)

KineMaster Free Download

There are various options available for the downloading of KineMaster- Pro video editor in your smartphones.

Method 1

  • Download the KineMaster from the Play Store in your android mobile in three simple steps.
  • Turn on the data on your phone or get connected to the wi-fi so as to access the internet on your phone.
  • Open Play store in your android phone and search “KineMaster-pro video editor”, in the search box above.
  • Click on the install button and allow access to all the permission that app may ask.

It will now automatically get download and will be installed. Once installed, it is now ready to use. Enjoy! And make the video interactive and fun.

KineMaster App for Android Lighting and recording

If you need to change the lighting in the already captured video then you should not worry about it. Because kinemaster for pc download will enable you to change the lighting in the video with your favorite texture. You can modify the brightness or hue without changing the overall quality of the video with the help of this video editor. In addition, you will get yet another surprising feature with the help of kinemaster.

That is you can easily record the real time audio and video with the help of it. Therefore, you can add your information on the recorded video immediately and this helps you to achieve the real feel in the video at a particular time. Above all this kinemaster is social media a friendly. This means that you can share the video directly from the applications to different social media channels with ease.